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(ages 4 years -5th grade)
Fall Teen Retreat
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2757 Coalmine Road
Strasburg, VA 22657
(540) 465-8203

Sharon Dicken, Camp Treasurer
203 Arch Street
Cumberland, MD  21502

Kenny See, Registrar
587 Capon Street
Strasburg, VA 22657



Pre-Registration fee - $95
Due postmarked by June 1, 2014
After June 1st, registration fee - $125.

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Tri-State Christian Service Camp
a great place to connect...

Tri-State Christian Service Camp's sole purpose is to: “Teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ as found in the New Testament.”  Our mission simply is “Growing Hearts For God.”

As wonderful as the inventions and conveniences of modern society are – our children need much more to grow to be well-rounded, productive citizens of earth and heaven.  They need more than “virtual reality”; they need God’s reality.  The primary goal of Tri-State Camp is to provide a setting apart from the routine and often unchristian surrounding of daily living.  Then, in this setting, the Word of God is taught and principles of Christian living emphasized on a continuing basis.  Classes are taught in Scripture content as well as Christian conduct.  It is the purpose of the camp that a camper will go home with a clearer understanding of Christ’s way of life, a greater love for the Savior, and a genuine desire to grow in Christian experiences, and witness.

One thing that I have appreciated about TSCSC is that it is a place “Where Christ Is Near And Friends Are Dear.”  Our desire is that those who come here as teachers and helpers as well as students shall go away with a clearer – stronger – faith.

Camp is intended to be an enjoyable experience.  There is a fine balance of “fun and seriousness” in the atmosphere of Tri-State Christian Service Camp.  "Unless We Reach Their Hearts Today, They Will Break Our Hearts Tomorrow!"


Updated April 11, 2014

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